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Product Code: OPTRS
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    • Description
    • Specifications
    • Carries two cameras or a camera/binocular combination at once
    • Secondary strap is completely detachable
    • Fully adjustable in length: Primary strap approx. 24" - 51", Secondary strap approx. 31" - 35"
    • Stays in place with our Non Slip Grip™
    • Made in the USA

    The Reporter Strap™ addresses the needs of today's active photographers who use two cameras to cover the diverse photo challenges presented in their work. Now two cameras or a camera/binocular combination can be comfortably worn with only one strap - the Reporter Strap™ . This allows you to have better control of your gear while reducing the chance of damaging expensive equipment.

    The Reporter Strap™ has quick disconnects on the primary strap so that using different connectors is a snap. The popular OP/TECH USA 3/8" Connectors are standard on the primary strap. The secondary strap attaches to the main strap body with durable plastic clamps similar to the Reporter/Backpack System Connector. It features the exclusive OP/TECH USA Uni-Loop Connectors which are compatible with numerous OP/TECH USA neck straps, hand straps, and harnesses. Top quality neoprene reinforced with durable elastic makes the equipment feel like half the weight. The Reporter Strap™ is also great for wildlife photographers carrying both a camera and binoculars at once. When in the field for long periods of time, OP/TECH USA's weight reduction comfort can make all the difference.

     Recommended Load  Up to 15 lbs (6.8kg)
     Carry Style  Neck, Shoulder
     # of Connection Points  Four
     Connection Type  Two 3/8" Webbing connectors on Primary Strap and two Uni Loop connectors on Secondary Strap
     Strap Length  Primary strap is adjustable 24" to 51" (61cm - 129,5cm) and Secondary strap is adjustable 31" to 35" (78,7cm - 88,9cm)
     Pad Dimensions  2.5" (at widest) by 15" Neoprene (6,35cm - 38,1cm)
     Quick Disconnects  Yes (on Primary and Secondary)
     Materials  Neoprene pad with durable elastic and Non Slip Grip™, nylon webbing
     Webbing Width  1"
     Made in the USA  Yes