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Product Code: JGPIP4
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Key Features
  • Fist Best-Selling Smartphones
  • Internal Steel Springs
  • Reliable Rubber Grip Pads
  • 1/4-20" Universal Tripod Screw
  • Quick-Release Clip
  • Over Two Dozen Leg Joints
  • Description
  • Specifications
  • Features

GripTight GorillaPod Stand up close

Fits all best-selling smartphones!
Adjustable grip fits all iPhones and most Android & Windows smartphones with or without a case between 2.1-2.8 in | 54-72 mm wide

Mount easily expands to grip your device
Internal steel springs allow mount to expand to the size of your device & grip it securely

Grip your smartphone safely & securely
Reliable rubber grip pads secure your iPhone or Android in place, even when turned sideways!

Connects to all GorillaPods and most other tripods
Via universal stainless-steel ¼"-20 screw

Instant setup and breakdown
Quick-release clip stays connected to the GripTight Mount for quick and easy use on-the-go

Position your phone almost anywhere!
Over 24 grippy leg joints bend and rotate 360°

Go where other phones fear to tread
The world isn't flat, which is why we invented the GorillaPod. We think your tripod should adapt to even the most uneven terrain and so the entire world can become your personal photography studio. Pair the GripTight Mount with our adaptable GorillaPod and your phone becomes an unstoppable force of photo and video production.

Quick to set up and easily fits in your bag
The GripTight Mount is super compact and foldable, and quickly attaches to the GorillaPod via ¼-20" screw. With the GripTight GorillaPod Stand's flexible, grippy legs, there are no limits to your creativity! Shoot from a new perspective, give night photography a go, capture shots with a macro lens, or make a timelapse video—the GripTight GorillaPod Stand provides the flexibility to create any shot you can think of.

Case v. accessories battle is now over!
The GripTight GorillaPod is perfect for using with your favorite phone case. The mount also doesn't get in the way of your phone lens or filters. The flexible legs let you position your phone just the way you want it, and also provide enough stability for larger accessories like mics.

 Designed for  Smartphones between 2.1-2.8"; 54-72mm wide
 Tripod Interface  1/4"-20 thumbscrew
 Weight  2.4oz; 67g
 Dimensions  3.4x1.2x6.8"; 86x36x173
 Materials  Polycarbonate-ABS plastic Tpe grip pads and ring
 Steep springs
 Stainless steel pins and screw


Fist Best-Selling Smartphones
Adjustable grip fits all iPhones and most Android and Windows smart-phones with or without a case

Internal Steel Springs
Mount expands to the size of your device and grips securely

Reliable Rubber Grip Pads
Secure phone in place, even when turned sideways

Foldable and Portable
Mount legs fold in making it easy to fit in your pocket or bag

1/4-20" Universal Tripod Screw
Connects to all GorillaPods and most other tripods

Quick-Release Clip
Stays connected to the Grip Tight Mount for instane setup

Over Two Dozen Leg Joints
Bend and rotate 360 digree giving you the flexibility to shoot anywhere.