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Quantum Qflash Pilot (H 5350)

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Key Features
  • For Canon DSLRs/Film Cameras
  • Controls Remote Qflash Units
  • Mounts to Hot Shoe
  • FreeXwire TTL Radio & QTTL Adapter
  • Does Not Need Line-of-Sight Connection
  • Range 5 Times the Distance of IR Systems
  • Requires No External Power Pack
  • Controls Any Number of Remote Flashes
  • Description
  • Specifications

The Quantum QF9C Qflash PILOT is a shoe-mounted TTL radio command unit that provides all the features of the Qflash TRIO without the flash head. With a built-in FreeXwire TTL radio and QTTL adapter for your digital camera you can control an unlimited number of remote Qflashes. Slip it onto the camera hot-shoe and go, it's self powered. Or connect a Turbo with the included long power cable CQ8 or the accessory short power cable CCQ8.

PILOT's radio sends TTL commands to other remote Qflash TRIO's. Configure distinct modes and settings of remote Qflash TRIO's from the on-camera PILOT. And, the on-camera PILOT controls older Qflash models mated to FreeXwire receivers. Radio QTTL signals from PILOT do not require line-of-site like camera optical links. They're more reliable and work at 5 times the distance.

  • Send camera TTL wireless data up to 500' (167m) to remote Qflash.
  • Control and synchronize any number of remote Qflash in Manual, Auto, Auto-fill and TTL modes.
  • The self-powered Pilot commands remote Qflash, requires no external power pack and mounts to a hot shoe. It provides all the features of the Trio without the flash head.
  • Self-powered with (4 AA batteries) or Turbo powered using CQ8 or CCQ8 power cables.
  • USB port for easy firmware updates
 Exposure  Digital/Film Camera pre-flash TTL: Canon
 Wireless TTL flash for digital pre-flash cameras with FreeXWire
 No wireless flash for non pre-flash film cameras with FreeXwire
 Modes  Pre-programmed modes: 8
 Auto-fill mode: yes
 Visible/ audible signals: yes
 TTL  TTL Ratio/fill flash: yes
 Rear Curtain Flash Capability  Yes
 Shutter Speed  Shutter speed control
 AF Modes  AF assist
 Powering Options  4 x AA Batteries
 Quantum Turbo
 Dimensions (LxWxH)  4.09 x 3.33 x 5.85" (10.4 x 8.5 x 14.9 cm)
 Weight  20 oz (567 g)